practicing earthing | grounding for health and balance

If you’ve ever been in a conversation with me about health, I’ve probably brought up earthing or grounding.

What is Earthing or grounding?

The body is one big, beautiful electrical system. Unfortunately, that electrical system gets out of alignment through everyday living, low immunity, and many other factors. 

“Earthing” or “grounding” is the act of reconnecting our physical body to the Earth’s energy.

Why should you ground or practice earthing?

Grounding reconnects your body’s electrical system to the electrons on the Earth’s surface. When you form this connection, the conducted energy helps to balance the organs and systems in the body.

Studies show that it helps reduce pain and inflammation, regulate body rhythms, and improve sleep.

How do you ground or practice earthing?

At times when I know Muladhara is out of alignment, my feet have ached to stand in the grass and touch the ground. I did this for years, instinctively, without understanding the reasoning or benefits.

In the winter, my husband will shovel snow paths in the grass for me, so I can spend a few minutes a day walking barefoot.

I also sleep on a grounding pad, and use patches when I travel.

Grounding rod earthing in tent camping Moab
I brought my grounding rod and cord on a mountain bike trip to Moab, Utah.

Earthing has helped with my fibromyalgia pain, anxiety, and stress. I also use an earthing mat on reiki clients to help them ground during sessions.

If you want to learn more about earthing, I encourage you to watch this film. I am not an affiliate, but own many of the Earthing products and sing their praises every chance I get!

While I love technology and fancy equipment, you can enjoy the benefits of grounding without it. All you have to do is…

Go outside.

Take your shoes off.

Wiggle your toes, close your eyes, and calm your breath.

Ideally, you should spend about 20 minutes a day grounding, but even a minute or two barefoot outdoors will do wonders!

Meditation is also incredibly beneficial. In my Grounding Meditation, I walk you through a guided meditation to connect yourself back to the energy of the earth.

Grounding Meditation - My Mindful Moment

What’s your favorite way to ground? Leave me a comment below!

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