Frequently Asked Questions

Can I meditate and be religious?

Meditation and spirituality can go hand-in-hand, but a meditation practice is not religious. It can be practiced by anyone, at any time. I am religious and spiritual, and find that meditation can enhance my connection to the Divine. 

What if I fall asleep?

If you were intending to bring your mind to a state relaxed enough to fall asleep, great! If not, it may be a sign that you are not resting enough at night. Engaging in a meditation practice in the evenings can help your mind wind down so that you can sleep better + deeper. 

I can’t sit still! What’s wrong with me?

This is quite normal when you’re beginning a meditation practice. It’s exactly that – a practice. It can take time to learn to settle your body into a relaxed state. If you find yourself fidgeting, treat it like you would the thoughts in your mind. Take notice of it, bring yourself back to center, and continue on. 

How long should I meditate?

This is your personal preference. Take as much time as you need. Some days, 5 minutes will be sufficient. If you’re just starting out, be patient with yourself. If you’ve been meditation for awhile, be patient with yourself.